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New Zealand Association for Gifted Children

Position Statements

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NZAGC, NZCGE and giftEDnz  periodically issue position statements addressing critical issues, policies and practices related to the education of gifted and talented children and young people. An aim of these statements is to provide clarification on the position of our organisation, based on an evidence-base of theory, policy, research and practice, within the context of Aotearoa New Zealand. In other words, these statements are designed as a way of helping others understand where we stand in relationship to critical issues in the education of gifted and talented students.

The position statements are designed to provide:

  • Guidance for professionals working with gifted and talented children and young people.
  • Evidence for advocates for appropriate identification and provisions for gifted and talented children and young people.
  • Support for centre and school leaders in the coordination, development, implementation and evaluation of identification and provisions for children and young people.
  • Information to spark the conversation, widen the knowledge base and feed the debate about issues in gifted and talented education.
  • Advice to centres, schools, and other education providers, regarding evidence-based practices in gifted and talented education.
  • Recommendations to Government and the Ministry of Education regarding priorities for policy, professional development and support, funding and research.

All position statements are written by members of giftEDnz, NZAGC or NZCGE,  and approved by the representatives of the organisations, based upon their professional, specialist knowledge and skills related to the issue, policy or practice. All position statements are approved, with the express view of ensuring the statements meet these two goals of the organisations in their advocacy of:

  1. Supporting the development of a bigger picture for gifted education in Aotearoa New Zealand and where its future could lie;
  2. Working within existing and future policies and frameworks to ensure the progress and well-being of all gifted learners.

The organisations acknowledge that the position statements reflect these goals, but may not reflect the views of individual or institutional members of NZAGC, NZCGE, or  giftEDnz.

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