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Explorers prerequisite

Explorers welcomes new members from the region.

To join our group of ‘like-minded’ children, fill in the form and also please provide evidence that at least one child in the family has intellectual or creative ability in the top 5% of the population. Note that some children may not be performing in the top 5% at present in a classroom environment, but this is not a barrier to joining if you have alternative evidence of giftedness.

Evidence of Giftedness can be provided in one or more of the following ways:

1. Parent or Teacher recommendation. This will include a letter from pre-school/ school or parent with specific information about the child's learning, social behavior and development indicating ability in the top 5%. Information could include a combination of the following:

  • Reached developmental milestones very early (or very late e.g., speaking in complex sentences at three after not using much in the way of single word utterances); and
  • Complex play patterns; and
  • PAT (done in most schools after age of 6), assTTle, or other educational assessment; and
  • Reading age (demonstrating comprehension at least 2 years ahead of actual age); and
  • Exceptional creative thinking/work; and
  • Any other relevant information demonstrating an area of outstanding aptitude or competence.

2. Membership at a recognised special ability or accelerant programme, such as:

  • Small Poppies, MindPlus and GATE;
  • Membership at another branch or similar organisation with similar criteria

3. IQ test or other psychological assessment

As well as completing the form, please send your supporting evidence as an attachment to

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