NZAGC publications


A refereed journal, the aim of APEX is to disseminate essays, research reports and critical comments in the broad field of gifted and talented children. NZAGC offers free access to Apex to widen circulation, raise awareness of gifted children’s issues and encourage academic contributions to NZ’s journal of gifted education research.

Tall Poppies

A quality magazine aimed at gifted children and their families, professionals in the field of gifted education, and the general public. It is published in hard copy once a year and posted to all NZAGC members (including overseas members) as part of their subscription. Tall Poppies Espresso is published every two months from 2019. 

Position Statements

We periodically issue position statements addressing critical issues, policies and practices related to the education of gifted and talented children and young people. An aim of these statements is to provide clarification on the position of our organisation, based on an evidence-base of theory, policy, research and practice, within the context of Aotearoa New Zealand. In other words, these statements are designed as a way of helping others understand where the NZAGC, sometimes in collaboration with other national organisations, stands in relationship to critical issues in the education of gifted and talented students.