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464.The Gifted Disadvantaged
Moshe Smilansky, David Nevo
467.Gifted, issue 132, April 2004
NSW Assn for Gifted and talented children
468.Educating the Academically Able
edited by Lester D. Crow and Alice Crow
469.Montessori A Modern Approach
Paula Polk Lillard
470.Educating the Gifted
Virgil S. Ward
471.The Gifted Child
J. B. Shields
472.Growing, Sharing, Learning
Committee on Health and Social Education
474.Catering for the More Able Children in Your Class
S. A. Fuelop (ed.); Maureen Harper (ed.)
475.A Teacher's Guide to Fighting Invisible Tigers
Connie Schmitz with Earl Hipp
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