TitleDon't Teach! Let Me Learn Book 3AuthorNina E. Crosby, Elizabeth H. MartenPublishedAustralia -0001
Status:Check Shelves SubjectTeaching resourceMediabookTypeNZAGC BookDescription
DON"T TEACH! LET ME LEARN! was developed by practising educators to provide a vehicle for reaching and motivating the intermediate aged student. Each unit allows the student a wide variety of ways to learn and may be used in whole or in part as needed to supplement the regular school curriculum. The level of difficulty of each individual activity is indicated on the Matrix Chart based on Bloom's Taxonomy of Cognitive Thinking. Activities are also classified by subject area. This will aid you in making choices consistent with your goals and objectives Also included for your use are suggestions for record-keeping. Student logs allow students to keep records of their progress and provide a means for you to evaluate or assess their progress. Each unit study contains many activity choices providing stimulation and variation for your students. Activity titles and objectives are identified. Activity language is directed to the student. Activities are complete rather than dependent upon one another, therefore, may be used to meet your classroom needs. Topics include: arachnids, frogs, toads, animal world, monkeys, fish, undersea life, robots, computers, science fiction, astronomy