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    Kia ora katoa,

    I used to post a bit more regularly on the old forum, but this is my first one on the new forum.

    I’d really love some ideas this community has around keeping our kids busy minds happy and content over the long, long summer break!

    My Miss 13yrs is finishing Yr10 having done Yr11 Science/Maths this year, with the prospect of doing Yr12 Chem/Phys/Calc in Yr11. She is finding Term 4 already totally boring as the classes seem to be cruising towards the summer break. As I’m sure most of you will relate to, Miss 13yrs is a little angel at school but comes home with huge amounts of unexpended mental energy and looks to take that out on siblings and parents because she has not been challenged at school.

    I had a chat with her last night about the fact there is over 100 days before the next academic year begins (excluding the external NCEA exams which she’s not too phased about seemingly), so she NEEDS something to keep burning some mental (and physical!) energy.

    We created a list last night around things like:

    – volunteering / interning at local library / museum / book store (she will reach out to them but I don’t hold high hopes)

    – Japanese pen friend who can expand her language skills

    – projects based around self directed learning

    – acquiring new skills e.g. photography

    – activities that get her self out of her comfort zone (e.g. social interaction, planning friend swimming day at the pool etc, learning how to ride the bus independently)

    – Daily streaks e.g. a blog post a day for 10 days, a 2km run a day etc.

    I’d love to know what you’ve done to keep high schoolers entertained and burning mental energy over the summer break!

    Thanks in advance,


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