If one or more children in your family are eligible to join Explorers, (click here for criteria), then please apply using this online form.

Send any queries to the Membership Secretary (

Explorers is an inclusive organisation. Many applications will be approved immediately, if there is definitive evidence of giftedness. The committee will consider any other applications promptly and request further information as needed.


Membership has changed so now it is valid for one full year from the date of purchase.

Full branch family membership (which includes membership to the NZAGC) is $75 per year – valid from the date of purchase.

$25 goes to Auckland Explorers to pay for administration, newsletters, postage, books, toys, games, etc, and the remainder is for NZAGC.

Individual membership is also available for individuals, associations or schools who support the aims of the NZAGC.

Family Membership

The whole family is welcome to attend clubdays, holiday programmes and camps. You will also receive Explorers email notifications and the national magazine “Tall Poppies” three times a year.

It is a condition of membership that members assist in the running of the club, helping with duties such as dishes and cleaning up at clubdays, providing expertise for clubdays and trips, or joining the committee.

Membership of Explorers gives automatic membership to NZAGC. Auckland is a member of the National Council of NZAGC and keeps in touch with other branches around New Zealand. Visit the NZAGC website for further details on the national body.

Dual Membership

If you live in southern Auckland, you may be interested in the Franklin branch, “Discoverers”. If you wish to join them as well, it is only an extra $25 annually. You can find their contact on NZAGC Branches.