The Auckland Explorers Club offers members:

  • Clubdays
  • Library
  • Escape Outings
  • Young Explorers (6 and under) activities
  • Older Explorers (9 and over) activities
  • Parent Activities
  • Holiday Activities
  • Newsletter
  • Preschool Information Kit
  • Membership of NZAGC, the national body

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All activities are available when there is enough demand and parent support to organise them. Please get in touch with at any time to see how you can help with an activity.


  • inventions and patents
  • rocket building
  • carnivorous plants
  • amphibians and frogs
  • medieval history
  • philosophy
  • electronics
  • map-making

Topics such as these are covered at our clubdays. They are organised by the committee and parents, and held on Saturday afternoons during the school term. Tutors and guest speakers run many of these sessions.

Clubdays have varying associated costs, which are advertised as they are organised. Explorers generally subsidises the cost for members to attend.

Ideas for clubdays come from members, sometimes catering for a child’s particular interest. Most clubdays are held at Mt. Albert Presbyterian Church Hall, 14 Mt Albert Rd. Activities start at 2.30pm, with speakers on a wide range of subjects. There are hands-on activities associated with these talks when appropriate.

There may be a preschool session at the same time, with related activities. Board games may be played, and it is a good opportunity to socialise.

A responsible adult must remain with the children at all clubdays.

Clubdays and trips are family occasions, and the parents are expected to remain with their children. Some activities may be for member families and their children only, but whenever possible considering booking limitations, sessions are open to non-members. Costs for non-members are generally higher than the subsidised price for members.


A library of games, puzzles, CD ROMs, DVDs, and books is available on clubdays. It is a free service. However borrowers are expected to make reimbursement for damage or loss of items.

NZAGC National also has an extensive library for parents and educators. See our for more information.

Escape Days and Camps

In 2016 & 2017 & 2019, a Summer Escape Day was held at a venue not far from Auckland, which was a great way for families to spend more time together. There is no pressure on the children to join any activity but they can do those things that interest them. Non-members are invited to attend.

In previous years, residential family weekends have been run at such venues, and these are in hiatus until there is sufficient demand. The summer day camps are social one and a great chance for members to get to know each other. The winter camp has a theme and incorporates workshops, crafts, debates, entertainment, etc. Themes have included Egyptology, Space, Medieval, Mystery and Detection, and Technology. Most parents find these weekends an ideal time to swap stories and ideas on coping mechanisms.

Young Explorers (YEX)

Young Explorers is for gifted children up to age 6 and their families.
– provides a comfortable environment to make friends with others of their own age and ability.
– allows families to meet, share experiences and enjoy the support of other like-minded individuals.

Also welcome are homeschoolers with older children and families just wondering about giftedness in their young children

Clubdays have in the past provided exciting activities for YEX members and includes sessions specifically for the 6 and under children when the main session is inappropriate for the younger children. We have a gap in volunteers for this session currently. Anyone keen to volunteer and take over this important area would be warmly received!

The ages that the speakers are aiming their talks towards are indicated. Younger Explorers (YEX) are welcome to attend at the main session under certain circumstances, such as they may have a passion for a particular subject and will be involved during the activity and not get restless.

Older Explorers

Philosophy is for ages 11-16 years and is facilitated with a maximum of 13 people.
Non-members are welcome.

Construction (COP)– 9+ years . This is held on the same day as Philosophy. One of Explorers’ construction sets is made available.

  • Mobilo
  • Chaos
  • Spacerails
  • Capsela
  • Electric chain drives and gears
  • Morphun Blocks
  • Marble Maze
  • K’nex

Sessions are held twice a term on Saturdays from 5pm-7pm in Mt Albert and include pizza.

13+ Group-There used to be a much less structured group-mainly social but with the occasional more organised event such as film appreciation, i.e. watching a movie and discussing it afterwards over food.
Venues and costs would vary depending on activity. This is currently not operating as COP/POP have proved so popular. Any volunteer keen to organise one would be warmly received!

Information Evenings

These are for parents, teachers and anyone else who is interested. Examples of past evenings are:

  • Gifted Education in Auckland (Gladstone Primary School, Senior College, Remuera Primary School)
  • Education Review Office
  • Homeschooling
  • How to choose the right early child education and primary school service
  • ADD and the gifted child
  • 2E (Twice Exceptional)

This are in a hiatus at present due to a lack of a coordinator. If you are interested contact

Holiday Activities

Trips are arranged in the school holidays to places of interest such as factories, service organisations, museums, etc – many of which are free. We have also simply met up at the club rooms for some board game fun too. Some examples of past holiday visits are:

  • Ellerslie Printers (NZ Herald)
  • Auckland Mail Centre
  • Tip Top Ice Cream Factory
  • Glass Blowing
  • Police Launch & Helicopter
  • Temptations Chocolate Factory

Membership of NZAGC

Explorers members have automatic membership to the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children. This includes a subscription to their e-magazine “Tall Poppies”. It comes to your email inbox. See the NZAGC website for further details on this national body.