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Vol. 19, No. 1 2015

A tribute to Professor Roger Moltzen, 2014 Te Manu Kotuku award recipient

A tribute to Professor Roger Moltzen in recognition of his service to gifted education and as the recipient of the giftEDnz Te Manu Kotuku award.

Tracy Riley

Real Engagement in Active Problem Solving (REAPS): An evidence-based model that meets content, process, product, and learning environment principles recommended for gifted students

A description of an exciting new model that can be used effectively in the teaching of gifted students. The main focus of this article is on the research evidence for this model.

June Maker, Robert Zimmerman, Abdulnasser Alhusaini, and Randal Pease

‘Missing out’? The potential consequences of inaccurate teacher expectations on young gifted readers’ achievement outcomes

This three year study investigated whether teachers held more accurate expectations for gifted or non-gifted students’ achievement in reading, and compared expectations for teachers involved in an intervention with those of control teachers.

Lynda Garrett, Christine Rubie-Davies, Mohamed Alansari, Elizabeth Peterson, Annaline Flint, Penelope Watson & Lyn McDonald

Social construction of giftedness: What might that mean for early childhood teachers’ practice?

This study describes early childhood teachers’ perspectives on giftedness based on data collected during research for a doctoral thesis.

Melanie Wong

Meet, prey, like: A study of gifted girls’ interactions with social media

A study on gifted teenage girls’ lived experiences of Facebook, utilising phenomenological research on the experiences of five female students in high profile leadership roles in their secondary schools.

Eunice Gaerlan-Price

See the world through my eyes: Looking into how we can improve provision for gifted visual-spatial learners in our classrooms

A collective case study of three learners who have exceptional visual-spatial abilities relative to their age peers.

Sharon Mansfield

The eight qualities of successful intelligence in gifted Mäori students

A description of the eight qualities of successful intelligence demonstrated by gifted Maori students who attended schools in one tribal area (Te Arawa) in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Melinda Webber

Translating theory into practice One schools approach to identifying Mäori gifted and talented learner

This article describes how theory and research have informed and changed understandings of, and identification procedures for, gifted Mäori students at one New Zealand high school.

Emma Scobie-Jennings


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