As a refereed journal, the aim of APEX is to disseminate essays, research reports and critical comments in the broad field of gifted and talented children.

Vol. 18, No. 1 2013

Keeping Gifted Education on the Agenda: Interview with Professor Roger Moltzen
An interview with Professor Roger Moltzen who shares his perspectives on gifted education as it has developed over his career and where he sees the field moving in the future.
Deborah Fraser

“If you talk, you are just talking. If I talk is that bragging?” Perspectives of Parents with Young Gifted Children in New Zealand.
A phenomenological study investigating the perceptions and experiences of New Zealand parents with young children identified as intellectually gifted.
Lakshmi Chellapan and Valerie Margrain

Education of Gifted Young Children: Contingency of Views on First-hand Experience and Conception of Giftedness
A quantitative analysis of data from a New Zealand online survey on gifted education in the early years, conducted by Margrain and Farquhar in 2012.
Valerie Margrain, Scott Lee and Sarah Farquhar

Social and Emotional Issues of Gifted Young Children
One teacher’s reflections on theory and practice related to the social and emotional issues faced by young gifted children.
Carola Sampson

An Investigation into the Identification of Maori Gifted and Talented Students in Mainstream Schools
An investigation into the identification of Maori students who are gifted and talented in mainstream schools in one region of Aotearoa New Zealand.
Emma Scobie-Jennings

Students’ Perceptions of Learning, Post-school Options and Status in Two Elite Athlete Programmes
This study seeks to identify who participates in elite athlete programmes (EAPs), student athlete selection of EAPs and perceptions of physical skill improvement, enjoyment, post-school options, and programme status.
Seth Brown, Philippa Butler and Ra Jarden Osborne

Gifted and Talented Education in New Zealand Schools: A Decade Later
A summary report of the latest national study in gifted and talented identification and provisions.
Tracy Riley and Brenda Bicknell

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