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Vol. 17, No. 1 2012

Digging Deeper, Flying Higher
This paper challenges participants to examine the progress made in Gifted Education in New Zealand over the last 15 years, and build on this success in order to “fly higher” in the future.
Jill Bevan-Brown

Primary Teachers’ Perceptions of the Social and Emotional Aspects of Giftedand Talented Education
This study investigated teacher attitudes and experiences and understandings of the social and emotional characteristics and needs of gifted and talented children.
Vicki Needham

Conceptions of Giftedness in a Global, Modern World: Where are We at in Aotearoa New Zealand, 2012?
The lack of common conceptualisations of giftedness in New Zealand is questioned with a recommendation that teachers are helped to become more knowledgeable about current conceptualisations which in turn may provide them with a sounder framework for underpinning pedagogical decisions.
Louise Tapper

The Education of Gifted Children in the Early Years: A First Survey of Views, Teaching Practices, Resourcing and Administration Issues
This studies the findings of a survey of views on the early education of gifted children in New Zealand and identifies where challenges for professional support, resourcing, and educational administration might lie.
Valerie Margrain and Sarah Farquhar

The Role of Competitions in a Mathematics Programme
This question is examined from the perspectives of fifteen students (10-13 year olds) who participated in variety of different types of mathematics competitions. Students and parents shared similar views about the value of competitions, but there was a difference of opinion among the teachers.
Brenda Bicknell and Tracy Riley

The Life-worlds of Elite Young Athletes: A Lens on their School/Sport Balancing Act
This article takes steps toward illuminating, from an ecological perspective and social network theory stance, the life-worlds of elite young athletes in New Zealand secondary schools.
Kath Godber

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