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Branch membership

NZAGC Branch membership is open to families who have at least one child with intellectual, creative or leadership ability in the top 5%. We encourage interested families to attend a club day before they decide whether to join.

In order to join, evidence of giftedness must be provided. This could take the form of:

  • a psychologist’s report or IQ test
  • evidence of achievement in the top 5% of the ICAS tests
  • membership of the The One Day School or Gifted Kids’ programme
  • membership of another branch or a similar organisation
  • a letter from the child’s teacher or parent containing specific information about the child’s learning, social behaviour and development, which indicates ability in the top 5%.

With regards to giftedness in areas of creativity, parents might like to include samples of their child’s work. We also acknowledge that not all children will be performing at the level of their potential. With this in mind, we encourage you to send as much detail as possible with you application.

The sites listed in our gifted resources section give more information on giftedness, some of which might be useful when you write your application.

Once you have collated the information, it should be sent to the membership secretary, along with the application form, which are available on the branches page here. Where there is definite evidence of giftedness, such as a referral from a psychologist or membership of a similar organisation, approval will be given immediately. In other cases the membership secretary might consult with the committee at the next committee meeting. In some cases the committee might request additional information or refer the application to the National Council for advice.

It costs to join each branch is listed on the branch membership form, for this you receive:

Current NZAGC branches are:

National Membership

Membership of New Zealand Association for Gifted Children is open to any individual, family, school or organisation who agrees with the aims of NZAGC. Annual membership fee includes a subscription to Tall Poppies magazine and access to our National library. The fee is $50 and the membership form is available here.