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Gifted Awareness Week Competition 2011

Preschool Art 1st place
Scarlett Sills - Kumeu

Year 0-3 Art

Year 4-6 Art

Intermediate Art

Yr 9&10 1st place
Devlin Clark-Memler - Thames High School
This Drawing is of a sad and pensive homeless man, and when people see him they may judge him straight away because of his current state, and will often be negative. But they would not know who he truly is, he could be a wonderful human being.
Yr 11-13 1st place
Georgia Bellett - Villa Maria College
Intrigued by the topical quotation, I thought of transposing the obvious meaning behind it to that of the fragile, yet beautiful surface topography of the Canterbury region. Underneath the delicate surface "skin" are the ugly fault lines that caused so much damage during the recent earthquakes. I chose to use the spine to represent both the backbone of the Canterbury region and as a direct reference to the quotation, and created it using materials salvaged from the railway at the exact rupture point of the faultline.
Yr 11-13 Highly Commended
Jaime Wong - Pakuranga College

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