EXPLORERS is a club for gifted children and their families.

Gifted children can make friends with others of their own age and ability in a comfortable environment.

Parents of gifted children can also meet and share experiences.

Explorers is the Auckland Branch of the national body, New Zealand Association for Gifted Children (NZAGC). We are nonprofit and run entirely by volunteers.

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Discussion Forum

If you're a parent of a gifted child, you may have concerns some of our members can help with - or answers for other parents! Either way, visit our
DISCUSSION FORUM and see what "gifted parents" are talking about.

Camp activities (20kB)

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Club Activities ...

Clubdays We meet on Saturdays during term as advertised - each one with a different theme.

Holiday trips as advertised.

Weekend Escapes (camps) held twice a year.

Philosophy for 11 + children twice a term.

Construction sessions for 9+ twice a term.

Young Explorer activities for 6 and under.

Click here for more details on club activities.

Who can join ...

Any family that has at least one gifted child can join Explorers. Click here for a definition of what giftedness is and criteria for membership.

How to join ...

Click here for membership details - to print our membership form or contact our membership secretary.

For more information ...

Go to our Contacts page for committee member contact details or Links page for further information and on the internet, including the NZAGC website.