Auckland Explorers Autumn Festival ( Halloween) 23rd May

Auckland Explorers presents Autumn Festival (Halloween).

Halloween? Yes, Halloween is an autumn festival, so that’s why we at Explorers celebrate it when it’s properly chilly and spooky!

Ever wondered how Halloween started and why so many other cultures party when it’s autumn? Why is autumn so special? Find out at our Autumn Festival where we have some Halloween fun and learn about the other festivals celebrating autumn.

Your challenge: bring the grossest plate of food you can think of for afternoon tea (it is Halloween after all).

There is even a circus performer coming to teach some awesome festival skills.

Full details for booking at

REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN – NZAGC 40th Anniversary Conference 3-5th July Waikato University

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Don’t miss this fantastic event! Open to all those with an interest in Gifted Education.
Speakers, workshops and discussion groups for Parents and Teachers.┬áSpeakers, workshops and discussion groups for Students – Secondary, Intermediate, Primary and Preschool.

An Expo of resources and a Youth led Celebration of Talent.

Registrations now open visit the  conference website